Records No. 1 - 5 (Reprint), by Daido Moriyama


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In 1972, long before Flickr and Tumblr, photo blogs, or even zines per se, Daido Moriyama self-published a photo diary-cum-magazine called "Record", or kiroku in Japanese. Says Moriyama,

Without any ties to work or any fixed topic, I just wanted to continue publishing a 16-page booklet with an arbitrary selection of favorite photos among the pictures I snapped from day to day. By nature, it was directed first and foremost to myself rather than other people. I wanted a simple, basic title, so I called it 'Kiroku'

Consisting of between 12 and 20 pages each, the magazine sadly lasted for only five issues before Moriyama moved on to other things. However, beginning with this re-printing of those five issues, in 2008 the series was resumed, and as of this writing there have been 22 issues of the magazine published.

Five softcover issues inside a hardcover folio. Published in 2008, and signed by the artist.

Note: Image shown at right is the cover of Issue No. 1. Furthermore, the artist's signature shown in the image below may vary slightly from copy to copy.

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