NUDE/ A ROOM/ FLOWERS (Signed), by Sakiko Nomura

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The title of Sakiko Nomura's latest book can be seen as an ironic summation of the three main subjects presented in NUDE / A ROOM / FLOWERS, but of course this is a book about so much more.

Nomura, who worked as an assistant to Nobuyoshi Araki for many years, and who has often been referred to as the master's favorite disciple, displays a knack similar to Araki of presenting a scattershot of images, portraits next to landscapes, assembled to resemble a ebb and flow of a diary, of a life, while using nude portraits, mainly of men, to provide the glue that binds it all together.

NUDE / A ROOM / FLOWERS brings together mainly black and white images shot over many years, printed gorgeously on textured paper -- a truly sensual experience in keeping with Nomura's lilting style.

Chosen by publisher Markus Schaden as one of the best books of 2012. Also nominated by André Príncipe (photographer and co-founder of Lisbon-based publisher Pierre von Kleist Editions) for a Fotobookfestival Photobook Award for 2013.

Hardcover, with slipcase. 22cm x 29cm, 124 pages. Signed by the artist. Each edition is numbered on end flyleaf and on slipcase (out of 1000 total copies). The book was issued with three different covers, but we are selling only the "flowers" cover at this time. Please inquire if you are interested in either the "nude" or "room" cover.

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