NU-E (Signed), by Asako Narahashi

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Asako Narahashi's first book, published in 1997, bringing together work shot between 1992 to 1997. Playing with shop windows, various signage, architectural shapes, animals, and other visual oddities of the cityscape, this early work by Narahashi is would seem on the surface closer in spirit to Moriyama and Nakahira than the work she is currently doing, yet this is only a superficial view. The artist herself may see this early b/w work as a kind of juvenalia, but there is no need to view NU・E as a stepping stone of any sort -- it carries the signature of an artist forging a path all her own.

Hardcover with dustcover. 23cm x 29cm. 120 pages, approx. 100 b/w photos. NEW book, signed by the artist.