Nohgata: Echoes of Coal and Steel, by Koji Onaka


In 1983, while a student at the Workshop photography school at CAMP gallery that Daido Moriyama co-ran with other photographers, Koji Onaka returned to his birthplace of Nogata on Kyushu Island for two weeks. With his Canon F-1, 35mm lens and Tri-X film, he shot the work that is collected in this 2008 publication from Grafica -- no. 5 in their "Memory Grafica" series.

Nogata in Fukuoka Prefecture was located in Chikuho, the oldest coal mining region in Japan, and the subject of Ken Domon's legendary photo book The Children of Chikuho -- Onaka wryly notes in his afterword (Japanese only) that he was born the same year Domon's book was published (1960).

Softcover, 18cm x 24cm, 80 pages, approximately 53 photos. Afterword by Onaka, and history of Chikuho, in Japanese only.

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