New York Is, by Takayuki Ogawa

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After six years working as a photographer for one of Japan's weekly magazines, in 1967 Takayuki Ogawa travelled to New York City and stayed for about a year, taking photographs. When Robert Frank looked at the photographs Ogawa had assembled from his time there, he wrote on the portfolio cover the title "New York Is" and scribbled a message to Ogawa and his wife Wakako, "I think your photographs are much like it is in New York. Sad, and..."

Although published as a photo essay in Mainichi Camera magazine upon his return to Japan and occasionally exhibited in Ogawa's lifetime (he passed away in 2008), his New York work was never published as a book until 2012. With over 120 black and white photos, a reprinted essay by Ogawa from 1968 and two contemporary essays by esteemed photography curators Nathan Lyons and Anne Wilkes Tucker, this is a book Ogawa's wonderful and keenly-eyed work deserves, even so long after the fact.

Hardcover, with dustcover. 163 pages, 125 b/w photos. Bilingual Japanese and English text. Limited printing of 1,000 copies. Includes a 17-minute DVD of contemporaneously shot home movie-esque footage of New York (shot by Ogawa himself) interspersed with his photographs. PLEASE NOTE: The DVD is Region 2 only.

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