Monochrome, by Daido Moriyama

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Starting with their two book collection of Daido Moriyama's magazine work from the 60s and 70s -- Nippon Gekijou 1965-1970 and Nanika e no tabi, 1971-1974, and continuing with their 2012 publication Color, Japanese publisher Getsuyosha has published some of the better Moriyama books of the last few years.

Monochrome is the companion followup to Color, and shares the same publisher tagline: Tokyo 2008-2012. It is, like the best of Moriyama, a graphic assault where the sum of its parts is a more valuable takeaway rather than the individual parts themselves.

Softcover, 26cm x 18cm, 312 pages, approx. 190 b/w photos.

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