Matatabi, by Koji Onaka


Those who love the color landscapes collected in Koji Onaka's Grasshopper and Dragonfly will find much to relish in this lovely new book from the superb color master.

Onaka shot the photos collected herein between 2007 to 2012, in various parts Japan. To look at the captions in the back of the book which detail only the time and place the photo was captured tells us little, even if we have been to those places. For Onaka's strength in part lies in being able to make the mundane and ordinary like no place we've even seen before, even if it is our own backyard.

matatabi means essentially wandering, like those masterless ronin of yore or entertainers like that you find in Ozu's two Floating Weeds films.

Hardcover, 25cm x 22cm, 72 pages, 62 color reproductions. Published in 2012 by Super Labo in an edition of 1000.

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