Marrakech, by Daido Moriyama


(Update: October 14, 2014) The First Edition is SOLD OUT. We will have a limited number of Second Edition copies.

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According to Daido Moriyama,

Elias Canetti's brilliant "Die Stimmen von Marrakesch" is a book I like and one that I find myself casually re-reading once every few years. Each time I do, I will the memories from a faraway past of the short, week trip I took to Marrakesch, already a quarter of a century ago to come back. The nostalgic scenes of the many sounds, aromas, and crowded streets vividly return to my closed eyes.

Hardcover, with slipcase. 14cm x 30cm, 88 pages (x 2 blocks), 104 b/w reproductions. Text in English and Japanese. Limited print run of 500. Published in October, 2013.