Magazine Work 1964-1982, by Takuma Nakahira

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This weighty volume published in January, 2011 brings together Takuma Nakahira's substantial body of work shot for and published by Japanese photography magazines like Asahi Camera, Design, Photo Art and Nakahira's own Provoke, from 1964 to 1982. There are 65 photo essays in all, including all major Nakahira series that would end up in his books like For a Language to Come. Like the two books of fellow Provoke-ist Daido Moriyama's magazine work put out by the same publisher in 2009 (Nippon Gekijou 1965-1970 and Nanika e no tabi, 1971-1974), the series are presented just as they were published in the original magazines, so one can see how the pieces were laid out.

Softcover, with dustcover and obi. 18.5cm x 25.5cm x 4cm (thickness). 649 pages. Essay about the work by Minoru Shimizu, and list of photo essays reproduced, in Japanese only.

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