M. River, by Yoshihiko Ueda


Yoshihiko Ueda is one of Japan's most prominent commercial photographers, yet he has also published a number of well-regarded books of his personal work. "M.River" takes the viewer on an abstract journey into the wilderness by featuring images of the source of a primitive river on Yakushima, an island in southwestern Japan.

As Professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design and his 916 Gallery curating partner Shigeo Goto writes,

What is important is that [Ueda] has never been what the world calls a “nature photographer.” “Going into the woods” is an essential part of the photo-taking process for Yoshihiko Ueda, something more than just study or training. It is something to do with what is at the core of the photographs conceived by him.

Softcover, 24cm × 29cm, 58 pages. Accompanying essay by Goto in Japanese and English.

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