Keelung (Signed), by Michio Yamauchi


Published in October, 2010, Michio Yamauchi's Keelung sees him prowling the streets of Keelung City, Taiwan's major port city bordering Taipei. On two separate trips in 2007 and 2009, Yamauchi spent a collective total of four months in the city. Writes Yamauchi in the book's afterword:

Keelung is a somewhat shabby port city in Taiwan's north. International ships come and go from the harbor, which was once an export point for coal for the Japanese military. The streets and lanes of the city undulate like the small mountains that surround it, and the area's high precipitation has given it the nickname "Rainy Port."

Softcover, A4 size, 120 pages, 85 plates. Signed by the artist.

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