Kazuo Kitai in China, 1973, by Kazuo Kitai


Kazuo Kitai, who was born in Anshan, Manchuria in 1944, returned to China in 1973 at the behest of the noted Japanese photographer Ihei Kimura, who assembled a group of photographers to travel the country for two weeks with him. The photos that Kitai took on this trip, which he intended to publish as a book but never did, are now collected in this special publication from Tokyo gallery Zen Foto Gallery.

Kitai's photos capture a China in the midst of Mao's Cultural Revolution, in a style familiar to those who have seen his book 1970's Nippon. The book is accompanied by an afterword from Kitai, as well as a short essay by Sha You, in Japanese, English, and Chinese.

Softcover, 26cm x 18cm, 68 pages, 53 photos.