Just Like on the Radio, by Erika Yoshino


The photographs in Erika Yoshino's curiously-titled Just Like On the Radio are never straightforward, which is to say that literally they almost never present clearly defined objects, with clear borders. Often we are left to wonder what exactly attracted Yoshino's eye, even as we also struggle to find something to latch onto. There are no big views here only glimpses.

The title perhaps offers a clue to Yoshino's vision, for the book does feel like a car radio constantly seeking for a clear signal, something to stand out from the noise. The off-kilter angles, the window reflections, the poles and beams of foreground objects framing a scene in the background all form a visual static playing equal fiddle to the seemingly more recognizable elements.

Hardcover, 74 pages, 47 color reproductions. Published in 2011.