Japanese Photographers 38: Masatoshi Naito

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日本の写真家 (Japanese Photographers) was a series of 40 books published in 1997-1998 by Iwanami Shoten and edited by famed photographer Shigeichi Nagano and Japan's foremost critic Kotaro Iizawa. Number 38 in the series focused on the work of Masatoshi Naito.

Naito trained as a research scientist but quickly left that profession to pursue photography. He would eventually develop a keen interest in the folkloric traditions of Japan, and much of his well known work of the 70s revolves around these themes. Later, Naito took to photographing the down and out in Tokyo over a 15 year period.

This book reproduces work from all the different parts of Naito's career, from his early scientifically infused experiements, through his well-known "Grandma Explosion" and "Tale of Tono" series, through to the aforementioned Tokyo series, as well as other series.

We have only two copies in stock, and we are offering each in a special set. Included with a copy of Japan Photographers 38: Masatoshi Naito, you will also receive a slim catalog that accompanied an exhibition of Naito's work at the Kichijoji Art Museum in 2009, "Photography and Folklore". (Softcover, 20 pages, Japanese only.)

Hardcover, with dustcover and obi. 23cm x 23cm, 72 pages, 56 reproductions. Published in 1998, this is a NEW 1st printing copy. Text in Japanese only.