Isolated Places, by Keizo Kitajima

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Keizo Kitajima's work over the last 20 years has been in tone and texture rather different from his gritty and grainy black and white street photography work from the 1970s and 80s -- more studied, meditative, formal, as evidenced by his PORTRAITS+PLACES book of 2003.

Isolated Places picks up the landscape work of that book and extends the theme over 85 photos, all in color and all featuring "portraits" of various structures in both urban and rural settings. The structures, from factories to apartment buildings to farm houses, while ostensibly central to each image, are in fact less important than those settings, those titular places. Some indeed are isolated, in the middle of nowhere as the saying goes, in so far as what we can see in the frame Kitajima presents us with. But many are not. But rather than pedestrian irony, by labeling these scenes as "isolated places" Kitajima seems to want to implicate us in their condition. After all, these structures, these landscapes and cityscapes, are not in control of their isolation -- we are.

Hardcover, 26cm x 22cm, 96 pages, 85 color photographs. List of captions (place and year photo was taken) in the back of the book is in English.

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