Inrou kamera shashinchou, by Shoji Ueda

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From 1995 to 1998, Shoji Ueda had a monthly feature in Asahi Camera magazine titled 印籠カメラ冩眞帖, or inrou kamera shashinchou, which can be loosely translated as "pouch camera photo album". Ueda, in his 80s at the time, carried a small compact camera in a pouch attached to his belt, loaded with slide film, and took photos as he went about on his walks.

These photographs -- and the 36 short essays or statements that were published alongside them -- have been collected here, and supplemented with additional color slides shot by Ueda with the camera from 1990 until his death in 2000 but never shown until now.

The result is a wonderful, well-edited book of candid snapshots from someone who was known throughout his career for his brilliantly contrived and setup shots. While that sensibility -- or indeed the energy to construct such predetermined scenes -- might has dissipated in Ueda's old age, in fact one can still see such care and thought as Ueda negotiated the everyday.

Softcover with dustcover and obi, 21cm x 21cm, 132 pages, 93 color photographs. Essays, captions, and front/back matter in Japanese only.

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