Inaya Tol, by Shinobu Ikazaki


Shinobu Ikazaki graduated from Visual Arts College Osaka in 2005 and worked as a photographer for the Asahi Shinbun until turning freelance. Inaya Tol comprises photos shot in Nepal over several years in the buffalo slaughterhouses along the Bishnumati river that runs behind the royal palace in Kathmandu.

"Uncompromising" is probably a word tossed out too easily these days, but many will find Inaya Tol uncompromising in its depiction of these slaughterhouses and the workers. However, one doesn't get a sense that Ikazaki is being gratuitous, that he is trying to rub our faces in something most people will find unpalatable. His approach is matter-of-fact and non-judgemental, leaving the "uncompromising" designation for our own biases to supply.

Hardcover (cloth). 94 pages, 89 color and b/w reproductions. Published in 2012 in a limited printing of 600 copies.