In Hokkaido (2nd Edition), by Michael Kenna

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This new publication brings together 50 photographs of Michael Kenna's growing body of work produced in Hokkaido over the last 7 years, including several photos taken earlier this year. As Daido Moriyama writes in the brief afterword, "The landscapes [Kenna] has captured suggest the vistas that the aboriginal Ainu people might have seen around them when Hokkaido was there heaven and earth, in the distant past before mainland Japanese settled there to colonize the island."

Softcover, 22cm x 28cm, 64 pages, 50 plates. Features a warm introduction by Kenna and a brief afterword by Daido Moriyama in both Japanese and English. Origianlly published in Japan in August, 2009. Second edition, limited to 1,000 copies, published in November, 2009.