Horizon Far and Away 1968 - 1977, by Shunji Dodo


Through his teaching at Osaka Visual Arts college, first as a teacher and later as principal, Dodo has been an influence on many young photographers, including his two sons Arata and Takeshi. But he is also an accomplished photographer in his own right, with several prize-winning collections of large-format work, including his 2010 Osaka.

The book brings together Dodo's work over a 10-year period at the beginning of his career. The genesis of the book began when Dodo happened upon an old print of his from those years while he was working on his current project. As he writes in the afterword,

The coarse-grained photograph reflected back the young photographer I was back then, furiously photographing anything and everything with unresolved anger at the chaotic times in Japan, Obviously, my methods back then were different from what they've become, After looking back on these memories, I couldn't help wanting to see more of my old photographs. It was an urge I could not resist.

Horizon Far and Away 1968 - 1977 is Dodo's most recent book (published November, 2012), and was a big hit at the 2012 Paris Photo.

Hardcover, 26cm í 19cm, 436 pages.

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