Hajime Yoshida Okinawa Set


Hajime Yoshida was born in Ehime Prefecture in 1930. After graduating from Chuo University in 1952, he moved to Hokkaido where he practiced writing, photography, and ornithology. While in Hokkaido, he came under the influence of two bird photographers, and in the latter 50's he started to produce his own books of bird photography as well as film documentaries on the subject of birds. This brought him to Okinawa in 1963, ostensibly to shoot a film documentary for Nihon TV. While there, he shot the photographs that are collected in Kamigami no zanei.

However, these two books published posthumously in 2006 (Yoshida passed away in 2005) are not books of bird photography -- far from it. They show that Yoshida was an ethnographer, in spirit if not in training, and these books are an important addition to the growing body of work related to the Ryukyu Islands.

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