For a Language to Come, by Takuma Nakahira

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This is a brand new edition (published June, 2010) of For a Language to Come, first published in 1970 and one of the most famous and sought after Japanese photobooks, a cornerstone of the Provoke aesthetic of are, bure, bokeh. Although several photographs from this book are well-known, the bulk of the work has been little seen except by those with access to the original and hard to acquire book, until now.

The photographer and critic Gerry Badger has written an excellent essay about this book, which he calls "a masterpiece not only of Japanese photo-culture, but of photographic literature generally".

Hardcover, 21cm x 30cm, 160 pages, 100 b/w plates. Includes three essays by Nakahira translated into English for the first time, as well as an introduction by Akihito Yasumi, "Trajectory of Nakahira Takuma: Situating the Republication of For a Language to Come", as a separate booklet.

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