Flash-up 2013 Edition, by Seiji Kurata


Seiji Kurata's Flash Up: Street Photo Random Tokyo 1975–1979 was his first released photo book and remains to this day a seminal work in the history of Japanese photography. It also is not easy to find nor usually affordable, all the more reason to salute this beautiful and considered new edition published by Tokyo's Zen Foto Gallery.

Flash Up is a late-1970s look at the seedy and violent underbelly of Japanese society, the yakuza, far-right members, youth gangs, adult workers, et al. They're all here, tattoos and all, as famously shown in the original cover image of a heavily tattooed yakuza member in fundoshi and holding a samurai sword.

Hardcover, with slipcase. 38cm x 26.5cm, 184 pages, 140 reproductions

Limited edition of 750 copies. Published in November 2013.

Please Note: Due to the scarcity and cost of this item, we will require EMS shipping for all orders from outside Japan that include this book.

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