First Born, by Taiji Arita


Taiji Arita (1940 - 2011) was a commercial and freelance photographer who had studied under Yasuhito Ishimoto and had worked at the Nippon Design Center advertising agency alongside other well-known photographers like Yutaka Takanashi and Hajime Sawatari.

From 1968 - 1975 he worked on a series of photos that featured his wife at the time as a model, and eventually featured the son they had as well. The series was published intermittently in the Japanese photography magazine Camera Mainichi from 1969 - 1975.

Arita would continue working commercially as a photographer, but eventually turned his creative energy to painting, moving permanently to the United States in 1991, never to return to Japan. Now, a year after his death at the age of 70, his former student Yoshihiko Ueda has reprinted the photographs from this series and mounted an exhibition of the series at the Tokyo gallery he co-runs. This book is the accompanying catalog.

Softcover, with dustcover and obi. 28cm x 22cm, 168 pages, 75 photos. Includes a biography of Arita, an excerpt of an Arita poem, and a brief statement by Ueda, in both Japanese and English.

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