Familiar Street Scenes, by Shigeo Gocho

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Shigeo Gocho was a Tokyo-based photographer who died at the young age of 36 (1946 – 1983). Born in Niigata, from the age of four Gocho suffered from caries of his thoracic vertebrae, and would be a frail person throughout his life. His most well-known work was Self and Others (1977), the only one of this three books to be published by a major publisher.

In 1981 Gocho self-published Familiar Street Scenes, a collection of his color street work. Now, on the 30th anniversary of his untimely passing, a beautiful new edition of this work has been published.

Hardcover (clothbound), with slipcase. 31cm x 24cm, 96 pages. Published September, 2013.

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