Berlin, by Hiromi Tsuchida


Hiromi Tsuchida, best known for his exploration of the effects of Japan's postwar economic boom in Zokushin and Counting Grains of Sand, has also devoted a considerable body of work exploring the WWII-scarred cities of Hiroshima and Berlin.

This 2011 book brings together photographs of Berlin shot at three different points of his career, and critically, three different and distinct periods in Berlin's post-WWII history -- 1983, 1999-2000, and 2009 -- often juxtaposing images taken of the same scene or from the same vantage point but at different times. As Rei Masuda writes in one of the book's two accompanying essays,

The three periods at which Tsuchida was shooting in Berlin correspond to three phases in the history of the Berlin Wall: existence, disappearance, and memory. Thus, in this collection of photographs, the wall shifts freely, before our eyes, between the three phases -- existence, disappearance, memory.

Hardcover, with dustcover. 30cm x 29cm, 132 pages, 69 color/bw plates. Captions in English. Essays by Ken'ichi Mishima (Professor of German philosophy, Tokyo Keizai University) and Rei Masuda (Curator of Photography, National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo) in both Japanese and English.

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