Archives of Mine (Signed), by Emiko Nakajima


Emiko Nakajima graduated from Nihon University's College of Art, Department of Photography, after which she worked at Nippon Design Center, where many of Japan's most famous photographers also got their start.

Nakajima's Archives of Mine is comprised of photographs shot over the last 10 years in various places in Asia, including India, China, Taiwan, Korea, as well as in Okinawa. Nakajima admits in her postscript that while all are part of Asia, each of these places has its own unique ethnic and cultural background, "as if they have nothing in common. However, those places are related to each other within me by the fact that I saw them all in person."

Nakajima is not the first Japanese photographer to try to locate themselves within a larger pan-Asia mindspace -- one thinks of Shomei Tomatsu's The Pencil of the Sun (1975), or more recently, Keiko Nomura's Bloody Moon -- and no doubt there are and will be many others.

Hardcover, with dustcover. 20cm x 22.5cm, 72 pages, 67 reproductions. Published in 2012, and signed by the artist.