Anatolia, by Hiroh Kikai

Published in January, 2011, this book from Asakusa Portraits-famed Hiroh Kikai is the first ever substantial presentation of his considerable body of work from Turkey. It depicts Anatolia, but also points west and east, and was created during six visits (totaling 45 weeks) that Kikai made from 1994 through 2009. Taken with a 35mm camera, the work here at first seems a world away from that in Kikai's "Tokyo Portraits" of people in Asakusa and street views, but it shares with this -- and also with his Indian work -- a delight in the human and unpretentious. If the temperatures here are chilly, the photographs are not. There's a mixture of peopled landscapes, posed groups, individuals addressing the photographer, and candid street scenes; donkeys and cobblestones, but also busy piers.

Hardcover, with slipcase. 29cm x 30cm, 156 pages, 140 b/w reproductions. Each photograph is captioned with the placename in Roman letters and also a very brief comment in Japanese only. With afterwords by Toshiyuki Horie and Kikai himself, again in Japanese only.

A thorough, amply-illustrated review of this book is available at the Microcord blog. The writer has also made available, with Kikai's permission, English translations of the book's captions (see last section of the review).

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