A Vegetable Garden, Sakura, by Shunji Dodo


This small, delightful book by Shunji Dodo was published in 2009 by the Osaka photography collective Vacuum Press. Through his teaching at Osaka Visual Arts college, first as a teacher and later as principal, Dodo has been an influence on many young photographers, including his two sons Arata and Takeshi. But he is also an accomplished photographer in his own right, with several prize-winning collections of large-format work, including his 2010 Osaka. In the Fall of 2012, his Horizon Far and Away 1968 - 1977, of work from his student days and beyond, was published.

A Vegetable Garden, Sakura is also a work from a large-format camera, but in keeping with the humble subject matter -- various vegetables from his kitchen garden, as well as Osaka's cherry blossom trees -- Dodo used the now no longer made Polaroid Type 55 film, which produced a usable negative along with an instant print. These distressed, fragile negatives are in perfect keeping with the untamed, organic nature of the produce emerging from Dodo's garden of earthly delights.

Softcover, 17cm x 22cm, 56 pages, app, 40 b/w photos. Afterword by Dodo in Japanese and English.

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