A Personal View of the Showa Age: Volume 2, by Kineo Kuwabara


This is the second volume of a brand new two-volume collection (published October, 2013) of photographs from Kineo Kuwabara, and the full title can be translated roughly to A Personal View of the Showa Age: The Photographs of Kineo Kuwabara, Volume 2: Post-war Tokyo. (Volume 1 is here.)

Kuwabara began photographing the streets of Tokyo in the early 30s, but was for most of his career better known as the editor of Camera magazine, as well as others. It wasn't until the 1970s that Kuwabara's own work began to be taken more seriously, mainly due to the championing of younger photographers like Nobuyoshi Araki.

Softcover, 18cm x 26cm, 320 pages.

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