2000 Iwate Catalog, by Naoya Hatakeyama

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Published in conjunction with an 2002 exhibition of Hatakeyama's work at the Iwate Museum of Art (Japan), the book features work from the artist's series Lime Works, Blast, Slow Glass, and Underground, among others.

Although small in size, a very good overview of Hatakeyama's career from up to the time of this exhibit. Includes early black and white work from 1981-2 not often seen. Blast is represented as a flip book in latter half of book (where the essays, biography, list of plates, etc. appears). Contains English translations of Hatakeyama's commentary about the images, as well as three essays, plus relevant bibliographic information.

A review of the original Iwate exhibition can be found here.

Softcover, 15cm x 21cm, 172 pages, approx. 90 images, not including flip book section. Published in 2002. 1st edition/1st printing, USED.