1970s Nippon, by Kazuo Kitai

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Kazuo Kitai was born in China in 1944, and since 1965 has published over 15 books of his work. He came to prominence in the 70s with his books Sanrizuka: Plegaria A Un Labrador (2000 reprint) and Mura e ("To the village"). As he shot those and other projects and series for Japanese photo magazines, he amassed a large body of work shot all over Japan. 1970s Nippon reproduces some of this work, as well as a lot of previously unpublished work, shot by Kitai from 1973 to 1981.

As Kitai writes in the afterword (available in a somewhat awkward English translation):

I had no place that I can call a hometown as I had repeated moving many times since my childhood. All the same I longed for my hometown and I projected my hometown many times on pictures appeared in a developing solution under a red light in a darkroom. However, while I was taking these photographs, populations in farming villages were being absorbed into big cities continuously as a labor force and the decrease in population in farming villages was advancing. 1970s were the age in which a village community and human relation centering the agriculture had been collapsed and Japan in old and good age had finished.

Softcover, 18.5cm x 24.5cm, 288 pages, 237 b/w photos. Photo captions and Kitai's afterword available in both Japanese and English. Diaristic entries scattered through the book are in Japanese only. Published by Tosei-sha, 2001.

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