17: 2001-2006, by George Hashiguchi


Continuing in the same vein as his original Seventeen's Map, this new work documents 17 year old youth living in Japan in the early 21st century. Unlike the original work (or the reprint of that, for that matter), this volume is particularly suited to non-Japanese since it contains a full translation of the extended caption that accompanies each photograph. Each caption includes some "boilerplate" things like hometown, the breakfast they ate the morning their photo was taken, and the title of the last book they read, followed by two or three paragraphs in the first person, musing on various things such as what they would like to do when they grow up, or how they feel being a teenager, and what their home life is like.

Hashiguchi's books of portraits like this volume, as well as Father, Couple, and Work, help to expose just how varied the people living in Japan are while at the same time showing that their concerns are not so much different from people the world over.

Hardcover, with dustcover and obi. 25cm x 27cm.