Souichiro Yamaguchi - from East Point

Souichiro Yamaguchi – From EAST POINT

Souichiro Yamaguchi was born in 1959 in Saga Prefecture, located in the northwestern part of Kyushu. After graduating from Tōkyō Shashin Senmon Gakkō (now Tokyo Visual Arts) in 1981, he pursued commercial and editorial photography in Tokyo. In 1993 he published a book of his personal work, City Circuitry.

Eventually, however, Yamaguchi decided to give up photography and return to a place closer to his roots, settling down in Okayama Prefecture, where he now runs a small hotel. It is only in the last few years that he regained his passion for photography, resulting in the book EAST POINT, published by Sokyu-sha in January of this year and from which the above photo was taken, and featuring landscape work from the eastern part of Okayama where he lives. Recently Yamaguchi has issued another book of landscapes from Okayama, front window.

EAST POINT is available in the Japan Exposures Bookshop.