Happy Year End Holidays

Kodak Portrait 12"/305mm 4.8 (left) @~f8, Schneider G-Claron 305/9 (right) @f11, 4x5, Fuji FP-3000B45

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Hopefully you have all finished your holiday shopping, naturally in the Japan Exposures Web and Book stores we hope, and are getting ready for some quiet time around Christmas and New Year. We are well into the year-end season and Japan is abuzz with people celebrating the closing year, including Japan Exposures as we held our one-year anniversary and year end “bonenkai” earlier this month. Here are some photos of the night showing many of our cover artists, some classic and soon to be classic photobooks, and of course our passionate companion, Tokyo Camera Style’s John Sypal:

We would like to wish all readers, friends, contributors and customers of Japan Exposures a happy year end season. Christmas will mostly be over in Japan on the 25th of December with decorations being removed preparing for the real holiday which is Japanese New Year. Like Christmas in the West, the country will come to a stand-still next week while we join with our families for some quiet and festive time together. If you place an order between Christmas and January 4th, please expect that processing might be slightly slower than normal as our suppliers and the post office will be closed.

The JE team wishes everyone happy holidays and all the best for 2010, photographic and otherwise.