Update on release of Fujifilm GF670 Professional

We have just been informed by Fujifilm that the release of the Fujifilm GF670 Professional, initially scheduled for mid-March, and subsequently postponed to late April is imminent, although no exact date has been set.

The amount of pre-orders is continuing to exceed expectations. As a consequence Fujifilm are unable to fulfill all pre-orders at once right upon release. Sellers will be allocated a number of units as they become available and exact number of the initial and subsequent batches are at this point in time unknown. What is certain though is that orders are fulfilled on a first ordered, first served basis.

Unfortunately we are unable to tell what our and the position of our customer who ordered this camera from us is right now, so we kindly ask for more of your patience — it will come and it will come soon. Once you have it in your hands it may well have become an instant classic already.