Shigeichi Nagano’s Hong Kong Reminiscence 1958

Hong Kong Reminiscence 1958, by Shigeichi NaganoIndependent curator Marc Feustel has written a review of Shigeichi Nagano’s recent photo book, Hong Kong Reminiscence 1958, published over at Lens Culture. It’s a succinct piece but does a good job of conveying the wonder of these photos that were taken by Nagano over 50 years ago, as well as help to place the shamefully under-known Nagano into context.

We have for a limited time signed copies of this book available at the publisher’s price of ¥3,990. The title has been selling well and, given that there have only been 700 copies printed, will surely sell out before long. Actually, Hong Kong Reminiscence 1958 is one of two new books the 84-year old Nagano released over New Years, the other being a collection of Tokyo street snaps mainly from this decade: Distant Gaze: Dark Blossom of Winter — the subtitle being a classical Chinese reference to the last phase of someone’s life. We have signed copies of this title available as well.

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