Toshio Shibata Catalog

Toshio Shibata: Exhibition Catalog for Syabi Landscape ShowWe now have in stock copies of the exhibition catalog for Toshio Shibata’s Landscape retrospective at The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, which sadly ends this week.

Featuring all 72 works from the show, this catalog is an excellent way to have both Shibata’s older black and white and newer color landscape work in one volume — especially when some of Shibata’s previous photo books are quite expensive on the used market.

We also still have copies of Still in the Night, a small volume of Shibata’s early work done at night at different expressway service areas (rest stops) and toll interchanges. This is a limited-quantity item and sure to be a collectible in the future.

To be sure, the Landscape exhibition catalog includes some of this night work so if you had to settle for just one, the catalog would be the better deal.

Click on the above photo to see the bookstore page for the catalog, of you can view all Shibata books we have.