Tokihiro Sato – Brooklyn Bridge (Gleaning Light Series)

Tokihiro Sato was born in 1957 in Yamagata Prefecture. He graduated in 1983 with a MFA in sculpture from Tokyo National University of the Arts. He is well known in Japan and in the rest of the world for his exploration of making photographs of landscapes or common spaces using very long exposures. He proceeded to the construction of various kinds of cameras, including a multiple pinhole camera, and their installation in public or generally “vacant” spaces.
Sato Multi-Pinhole camera
The above photograph of Brooklyn Bridge in New York from his Gleaning Light series (more examples here, see the last three colour images) was taken in 2005 with a multi-pinhole camera (follow the link for more images of the camera).

Since 1999 he has been an associate professor in the Department of Inter Media Art at the Tokyo National University of the Arts (known also as “Geidai”).

We have used copies of Sato’s 1997 book, Photo-Respiration, for sale in the bookstore.