Hello, again

Well, the demise did not quite happen, did it?

As those who have not deleted my feed from their RSS readers may have noticed, I have been rearranging some things on this weblog. After kicking out all the posts from the previous 4+ years at first, I realised it looks a little sad to have no history and archive. So I went through the old posts one by one and reinserted what seems worth keeping, which in the end was quite a bit. I threw out all the things that seemed too personal or incoherent and stuck to the photography-related articles. I have to say, while I am far from a great writer compared to some of my blogging friends, there were some decent pieces here and there that made some interesting points to think about. Somewhere I even found another post saying I have not much to say lately and was thinking of stopping. Hah! So next time I go off on a tangent, you know what to make of it. Thanks for sticking around!