Exchange rates

We often hear our countries’ leaders complain to each other about exchange rates and how they affect trade. Most of the time, it has little relevance to us. However, when buying products all over the world, as it was made possible by the Internet, we are all concerned.

The US Dollar has lost value tremendously in the past weeks again the Japanese yen. The Euro in turn, has appreciated considerably. Since prices on this site are all in yen, mostly fixed and currency exchange rates are updated daily, switching to your local currency may reveal some fluctuation in prices. Naturally, I have no influence over those values, so what may appear to you as an increase is actually global currency markets moving.

So what’s the message? If you pay in Euro or Pound, now is the time to buy and get more for your money. If you pay in US$, I recommend you keep an eye on the rates in the next few weeks. What’s gone down must go back up.