Some old stuff: The early years

I haven’t put out anything proper so far this year, mainly because I cannot think of anything. So I thought I finally organise some old pictures which have been floating around on the web server.

This is a series of portraits shot while I was living in London. I don’t know whether or not it is a best selection. It looks rather average to me, but I pretty much had a direct no-frills style at the time, and after all was a novice. For the paid work I mostly went into the subject’s homes or work place and shot in an improvised environment. The studies seem almost all studio work, and self-portraits at home. While it is dated 1995-2002, the photographs are mostly up until 1997 or so. After that I stopped taking anything worth showing publicly.

Thanks to the encouragement of friends, I have begun again to fire the shutter in anger i.e. seriously for photography’s sake and not for holiday pictures or similar snapshots. I have decided to put out this old stuff, and this little explanation around it to somehow put an end to the previous chapter of my photographic pursuit. It’s about time.

I am making a fresh start, armed with the experiences of the past and the little personal wisdom I have gained in those gap years. There is plenty more waiting to be discovered and I am looking forward to the challenges I have set myself for 2004.