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Web Shop on summer holidays

The Japan Exposures Book Shop has returned from its break and things are back to normal. Now it will be the general Web Shop’s turn to take a holiday, which will be from August 10th until September 10th. However, there is a good chance that you won’t notice much of it as we will continue operations almost as normal.

Everything will run as normal except the following, which will resume September 10th:

Sales of virtually all other items like films and accessories will continue as normal — which of course includes books –, so don’t restrict yourself.

In other news, Camera Hirano has informed us of a slight price increase of their hand-made leather camera cases. Effective from 1st September 2009, the price of all cases will be increased by ¥2.000. Quality does never come cheap and this is no exception. Similar to many other products in our selection, we are very happy being able to offer these precious items for sale at all. Life’s too short to compromise on quality.

MS-MAG x1.15 Leica M viewfinder magnifier back in stock

As we announced previously the popular MS-MAG 1.15x magnifier (announced as discontinued and sold out) is back in stock. This magnifier is of great value as on cameras with 0.85 magnification (e.g. Leica M3, Leica M6) it will result in natural view allowing shooting with both eyes open.

Thank you for your patience and those who have placed pre-orders, which will be fulfilled today.

Introducing JE Web Shop Exotica

Our Equipment Sourcing Service is proving increasingly popular and we are getting good attention from the Tokyo used camera dealers on behalf of our clients. But sometimes there is an item too good to miss, but without a current client mandate. Therefore we have started to pick up these items anyway and offer them in the Japan Exposures Web Shop with the hope of finding them a new owner that way.

From Hello Kitty Polaroids to the now legendary Fujipet toy camera, you can find an initial listing of interesting items in the newly created category Exotics. Give it a browse to be enticed and check back once in a while for any updates.

Of course, Equipment Sourcing will still be there for those who know what they want and items that you want us to search for.

Availability of Rayqual Leica M-M4/3 adapter for Leica M lenses

Rayqual Micro Four-Thirds adapter for Leica M lensesWe have just received notice from Rayqual that the Leica M-M4/3 adapter for Leica M lenses will be available on the 26th of January. Once we are able to ship you should have it within a matter of days afterwards. (Possibly even for the rest of Chinese new year holidays! EMS shipping within major Asian locations takes about one day, however bear in mind postal delays caused by the holidays so we cannot guarantee a timed delivery.)

In the meantime you might be interested in looking at some pictures of lenses mounted on the G1 using the Rayqual device and sample images taken with them. The article is in Japanese but there are plenty of images and machine translation does a decent job.

The lenses used are (from top to bottom); Minolta M-Rokkor 28/2.8, Summicron-M 35/2.0 (4th generation non-aspherical), SMC Pentax-L 43/1.9 Special, Canon 50/0.95 and Nikkor S.C. 50/1.4.

Introducing Rayqual lens adapters

We are pleased to be able to offer for sale adapters by the specialist Japanese adapter manufacturer Rayqual. Rayqual lens adapters are finely engineered high precision devices manufactured to tight tolerances MADE IN JAPAN, so rest assured that they will not compromise the high quality of your lenses or cameras.

To start things off we offer the new Rayqual Micro Four-Thirds adapter for Leica M lenses and Canon FD lenses. The adapter allows you to mount Leica M and Canon FD manual focus lenses on Micro 4/3 camera bodies such as the new Panasonic Lumix G1 digital camera.

Rayqual offers many more adapters so if you have a specific requirement, please contact us. For the current items on sale, please see here.

On the topic of using interesting lenses with the G1, what would you say if you could attach C-Mount lenses, used by 16mm movie cameras, on your G1? To be continued…

UPDATE: C-Mount adapter is available here.

2009 Offer: 10% off all black and white films

Globally experts agree that the outlook for 2009 remains bleak. And what could be better to photograph the bleak conditions of the predicted economic end of the world with quality black and white film?

For a limited time we are offering all black and white films at a discount of 10%, including the renowned Fujifilm instant range in black and white or the extravagant Fuji HR2 Minicopy. As usual all stock is fresh from manufacturer.

The future is gray, so let us enjoy its many beautiful shades!