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Mikiko Hara – From Blind Letter

Mikiko Hara - From "Blind Letter"

Mikiko Hara was born in Toyama Prefecture in 1967. She graduated from Keio University in Literature in 1990 and Tokyo College of Photography in 1994, where she was also a research student until 1996. Hara has had numerous solo exhibitions and exhibited internationally in Europe and in Asia. “Hysteric Thirteen,” a photo-book of her work, was published in 2005 by Hysteric Glamour, Tokyo, and her work has been included in the international collection of the Bibliotheque Nationale de France. She is represented by Third District Gallery.

The work of Mikiko Hara is hardly a new discovery as she has been working prolifically and exhibited extensively since the late nineties. That period also happened to coincide with the rise of Japanese female photographers labelled “onna no ko shashinka,” usually translated into English as “girlie photographers.” However, to mention her name in that context is a misplaced generalization of her work, and like all generalizations an inaccurate typecasting of other Japanese photographers that happen to be female.

Her photographs, taken in color in the square 6×6 roll film format, are subtle snapshot observations of people in public. The viewpoint taken by Hara represents an open invitation to connect with those pictured individuals. We, the viewers, can almost read the thoughts on their minds.

Michio Yamauchi — from “Tokyo 2009.12”

Michio Yamauchi was born in 1950 in Nishimikawa, Aichi Prefecture. After graduating from Waseda University, he attended Tokyo College of Photography. He has been exhibiting his works in independent galleries since 1980. A winner in 1997 of Nikon’s Ina Nobuo Award, Yamauchi has in the last 20 years published over 10 books of his work.

The above photo comes from Yamauchi’s new exhibition entitled “Tokyo 2009.12” which begins this Friday May 14 at Tokyo’s Third District Gallery (running until May 25). Approximately 50 works will be on view. On May 22 at 7p.m. at the gallery, Yamauchi will have a “teach-in” with photographer Seiji Kurata (Flash Up, 80’s Family: Street Photo Random Japan). If you’re interested in attending (¥1,000, one drink included), space is limited to 30 people (send an email to the gallery at info@3rddg.com).

Masahito Agake

Masahito Agake was born in Tokyo in 1969, and works professionally as an architect. In the early 90s Agake began shooting casually while scuba diving, and after coming across the work of Aleksandr Rodchenko and W. Eugene Smith in 1996, he took up photography more seriously. He had his first exhibition at Tokyo’s Place M gallery in 2003, and since then has exhibited his work in different galleries in Tokyo. Most recently he has been exhibiting his work at Third District Gallery in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward.

Please also see a gallery of Agake’s recent work shot in Tokyo and Taiwan.

Haruto Hoshi Gallery

Japan Exposures is pleased to present the work of Haruto Hoshi, born 1970 in Kanagawa and educated at Contemporary Photography Research Institute. Hoshi’s intense and at times uncomfortable images show life in the large Japanese cities in a captivating and arresting style. He represented by the Third District Gallery Tokyo.

We are also featuring Hoshi as one of our Cover Artists.

Hoshi’s photo book Luminance of Streets is available in the Japan Exposures bookstore.

Haruto Hoshi

Haruto Hoshi was born in 1970 in Kanagawa prefecture. He graduated from the Contemporary Photography Research Institute in 2000. He has published his first book 街の火 (Luminance of Streets) in 2007 and is represented by the Third District Gallery Tokyo. Please also see this extended gallery of his work.

Hoshi’s photo book Luminance of Streets is available in the Japan Exposures bookstore.