Punctum Times 16: Istanbul, by Katsumi Omori and Rinko Kawauchi



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Punctum Times, an irregularly-issued publication published in Wakayama but with roots in the former Punctum Gallery in Tokyo, returns with this December, 2012 issue featuring a collaboration of sorts between Katsumi Omori and Rinko Kawauchi.

The pair spent a week last August in Istanbul, and we're presented with around 30 photographs from that great metropolis, each artist contributing roughly an equal share. There is no accompanying text (minus the colophon) so there is very little context provided (under what auspices were they there, did they shoot together, why Istanbul?), but that only serves to enhance an already ephemeral quality to the publication. Each photo is accompanied by a small, unobtrusive "K" or "O" to denote who took the photo, and one's expectations of who took which photo are often upended.

Omori/Kawauchi's Istanbul is not a tourist Istanbul, nor an Orientalist escapade into the Arabesque -- were it not for the giveaway title, it would be hard to place the majority of images. Rather it is a mysterious and often sublime impression of a place, and one where it's tabloid format and newspaper-ish paper enhances rather than detracts.

Softcover, 40cm x 27cm, 32 pages, 31 b/w and color reproductions. Limited printing of 1000.