Hito e II (Signed), by Michio Yamauchi




This 2012 sequel of sorts to Michio Yamauchi's 1992 Hito e comprises photos shot over a ten-year period from 1983 to 1992. Like its precursor, and Yamauchi's Stadt from the same era, this is the side of the 1980s "bubble economy" you'd have been hard-pressed to know existed at the time. While the world sat enthralled by the stratospheric real estate prices, corporate buyouts of Nabisco and Columbia, and $40 million Sunflowers, Yamauchi's raw, uncomfortable, and unsolicited portraits of Tokyo denizens during this time depict, unintentionally or not, that whatever benefits of this economy befell the vast majority of the metropolis, it probably amounted to nary a trickle.

Softcover, 32cm x 26cm, 106 pages, 101 b/w photos. Signed on the flyleaf by the artist.