Prepare to show

A year has passed again and it is time for me to prepare for the annual JRP chapter exhibition, starting Tuesday next week. Last year I showed four landcape images, taken on 8×10. This time it is all 35mm, eight photographs taken this summer during my summer holiday in Europe. Actually I am rather surprised that after feeling to struggle with pictures from back home so much that I had anything presentable at all. Still, with some emotional distance and good efforts editing down the selected images seemed to improve the more I looked at them. Now I am quite pleased and the images appear to have taken on a life of their own.

Japan Realism Photographers Association Show

Prompted by a several friendly personal encounters with their members, I have decided to join the Japan Realism Photographers Association (JRP). Given the size of the population of photographers in Japan, the JRP is surprisingly small, just under 1000 nationwide in 60 chapters. For a while I have been contemplating to become more officially networked … Continue reading Japan Realism Photographers Association Show