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Negative News

Shinagawa, Tokyo, Contax G1 on DNP Centuria 200 We have been notified of a price increase of the popular Fujifilm Natura 1600 colour negative film. This film has been our best selling film for several years now and its popularity is founded on its great performance under low light conditions where it really excels. And … Continue reading Negative News

X-mas crossed: processing slide film with the Naniwa Colorkit N

Germany is full of Christmas fairs this time of the year. They are to be found in every larger town and even in some villages. Visually, they are an assault of colored lights, vivid vendor‘s stalls and people mingling and socializing while sipping Glühwein (mulled wine) and nibbling Lebkuchen (gingerbread).

Developing color negative film with the Naniwa Colorkit N

When I took up a new project this fall, I decided to try my hand at developing color negative film. This is supposed to be difficult and prone to developing errors. In fact, though I had bought some Fuji Pro800 rollfilm and a Naniwa Colorkit N C-41 developing kit earlier, I held them back for just such fears. Then when the fall color got very intense this year, I couldn‘t go on photographing in black & white. The first two rolls of 120 film I dropped off at my local photo shop, getting a digi-evangelization in the process.