Web Shop on autumn holidays (we’re back!)

The Japan Exposures Web Shop will take a holiday starting October 18th until the middle of November. The cut-off for Hirano hand-made camera cases is Friday, Oct 8th. Orders placed on or after these dates will be processed and shipped upon our return in November.

Orders for products that are currently backordered, for example the MS Optical Super Triplet Perar 3.5/35, might also be shipped in November. Please note that replies to email inquiries might also be delayed accordingly. We apologise for any inconvenience.

The holiday will affect the web store and the following products and services, which will resume from mid-November:

The Japan Exposures Book Shop will continue to operate as normal, so don’t hold yourself back.

UPDATE 14 Nov 2010: We’re back and busy fulfilling all pending orders – thank you for your patience.