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Double Contax

I am not sure if I am drifting off somewhere I should not be, whether I am exploring or just wasting my time. Well, anyway, I think time spent taking pictures is always a good time.

We went on a little trip to the Japanese seaside this weekend. Since I have accumulated a good handful of Contax G Lenses for our Contax G to Leica M conversions I thought why not give the native G system a try and bought one G1 body… and another G1 body. I realised that I am having so much fun shooting with it and since normally the cost of multiple bodies is prohibitive (but with the G system no longer) so I thought I’d try something different and loaded one body with black and white film, the other with colour, added a 28 and 45 lens and off we go with both.

I have not been a big fan of mixing black and white and colour in my mind, but the nice thing about playing is not being serious enough to set yourself any tough limitations… and it was hardly confusing at all. Since I have a distinct physical object to reach for with each film choice, this way of working is not making things complicated at all. Quite the contrary, it makes you look at the scene and reach for the thick or thin brush, depending on how you want to capture it. I don’t think I have taken the same scene with black and white and colour. For each its own.

As for the G1 — no, a Leica it isn’t, but a very portable and highly usable picture taking machine with excellent optics. And affordable at that. Let’s play!