Takayuki Igarashi – From the Series “Codes of Desire”

Takayuki Igarashi was born in 1977 in Yamagata prefecture, and currently lives in Tokyo. He graduated from Tokyo University of Science in 2004 with a Mathematics degree. Last year, he graduated from the School of Photograph | Picture | Image, which is part of Waseda University’s Art and Architecture School. The above image shot in Tokyo’s Shinjuku area — more from this series can be seen at Igarashi’s website — comes from a Shintaro Sato-led large format workshop that Igarashi took at the school last year. (Sato was previously featured last November on Japan Exposures). An exhibition of work done in the workshop, which was focused on capturing Tokyo, will be exhibited at Roonee Gallery in Tokyo from January 13 – 18, 2009.